Spatial planning department will also look into matters like ecological impact of infrastructure development activities as well as promoting usage of cleaner and technologically advanced practices. Carbon footprint management and promotion of public art will also be incorporated into the spatial planning initiatives.

Objectives of Spatial Planning department will entail

Process facilitation for preparation of Existing Land Use (ELU) Map using advanced technological tools.
Planning and installing Governance tools to improve ease of doing business; thereby providing efficient services to citizens, stakeholders, administrators, investors and business community.
Strengthening e-Governance by providing round the clock access to digital data. This would help end users to meet legal and regulatory requirements in a cost effective and efficient manner.
Policy review and sustainable resource management in PMR.
Improvement of planning, management and evaluation systems in PMR.
Transforming PMR into a digitally empowered society and a knowledge centre in India.
Enabling active participation of the community in PMRDA decision making.

Salient Features of Spatial Planning Department Projects

Acquisition of high resolution aerial photographs (<10cm) in preparation of Existing Land Use (ELU) maps.
Integration of Land Records information into the main database to provide comprehensive geo-referenced revenue information.
Integration of Greenfield Development Activities using digital base maps.
Establishment of a robust digital infrastructure and dedicated data centre at PMRDA to collate, store and redress information.
24X7 web portal and Mobile app development for easy access to information for all stakeholders.
Establishment of Enterprise GIS to integrate all functions of PMRDA and maintaining the same for 5 years.

Benefits of Spatial Planning and Ease of Doing Business Projects

For Citizens & Stakeholders

Improved access to information resulting in cost savings
Faster business processes and enhanced decision making
Better service delivery
Enhanced employee productivity
Lowered compliance costs and transparency in legislative and regulatory procedures
Mitigation of business risk with digital record management
Real time digital database as a one stop solution
Integrated utilities and emergency response system
Accountable and creditable digital records
Better disaster recovery and business continuity
Off-site back up of records and reduced data storage cost
3D representation of information in the form of 3D maps and land parcels

For Other Government Departments

Digital dataset integrated into PMR Resource Information System
Effective Urban and Town planning
Land use and building construction regulation
Socio-economic development planning
Improved information access for emergency services
Ease in information access with digital database for Fire and Health department
Digital information database for public amenities
Physical infrastructure and development projects expedited with technological intervention of planning and execution tools
Comprehensive record management for domestic, industrial and commercial water supply
Integrated records for development of roads, bridges, street lights, playgrounds, gardens, parking lots, bus stops and public conveniences
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