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PMRDA action plan

We will create a comprehensive economic growth plan, which will tell us what economic activities are going to emerge across the globe in the next three to four generations. A sustainable economic model would be created in this region, which will be favourable for these new economic activities. We are also going to find out what kind of resources are available in this region, which would be supporting the people on a sustainable basis. For example, the availability of water and whether we can meet the increasing demand for water for the rapidly increasing population


Make PMRDA a premier investment destination

Comprehensive Development Plan would include the judicious use of land resources and we will prepare a plan for the development of infrastructure to create the background for the economic activities and a road map. While doing this, we are going to make it the premier investment destination for the entire globe, which will be aware of the ease of doing business in PMRDA region. The employment rate would be high, and also we are going to make it one of the highest livable indexes and least energy consumption region.