Achieving a greener and sustainable growth of the community

The department of Infrastructure and Economic Growth will focus on dramatically curtailing environmental impact of economic growth in the PMR. Best in industry project management and project engineering practices will be adopted to give impetus to green growth. The department will ensure that planned infrastructure creation will precede all manners of development in the PMR.

The department will also focus on use of sustainable resources with minimal carbon footprint. The marginalized sections of the society such as the differently abled labour force would also be included in various development initiatives. Infrastructure development will be planned and executed to ensure that future development is not hampered due to current projects.

Enhanced infrastructure growth would give economic boost to the community by creating new employment opportunities. It would also create new business opportunities, thereby attracting local private and foreign investments.

PMRDA Infrastructure Policy

The PMRDA infrastructure policy was designed to encourage participation of private institutions or developers and was put into effect from March 17, 2016. This robust infrastructure policy will be followed by the department to achieve its objectives and create a sustainable Pune Metropolitan Region growth.

Under this policy, projects that can enable decongestion, improve traffic and transport scenario as well as provide world class infrastructure will be encouraged by PMRDA. Key projects would include development of roads, flyovers, bridges, water supply schemes, drainage schemes, solid waste management schemes and other public infrastructure. The focus of this policy would remain on harnessing maximum possible renewable natural resources for energy generation, thereby limiting ecological impact of growth.

Holistic Infrastructure Growth

The Infrastructure and Economic growth department will strive to develop Pune Metropolitan Region into an alternate destination for international tourists, looking for unique cultural and entertainment experiences. PMRDA is committed to create habitations with -

Best education institutions
Best employment opportunities
Best entertainment avenues
Best choices for shopping
Best recreational and leisure activities

In keeping the growth planned and organized, PMRDA would cater to the needs of every citizen from the lowest strata to the uppermost echelons of society.

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