Pune Metropolis Honours

Shri. Devendra Fadnavis

Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Chairman PMRDA

The world is getting highly urbanized with an unprecedented rate of growth in urbanization. The continents of Asia and Africa are going to witness maximum growth in urban agglomerations during next 3 to 4 decades. In tune with this global phenomenon, Maharashtra, the State with the highest level of industrialization in India is also registering rapid urbanization. With a view to facilitate orderly development in the State and to make it a power-house of employment and wealth generation, I have given very high priority to channelize urbanization on right trajectory by harnessing natural potentials of the entire State. As a part of this larger picture, we have created a Metropolitan Authority for Pune Region to develop it as one of the main growth centre that we are developing all across Maharashtra. With such centres, I am confident that, Maharashtra could lead the next spurt of economic activity and make Indian presence felt in the international arena.

Shri. Girish Bapat

Hon.Guardian Minister, Pune

Pune is one of the important and rapidly growing cities in the country, and hence, its planned development is required. Many people come to Pune for the purpose of employment and the State Government has set up PMRDA to pursue the city?s planned development. PMRDA shall certainly provide an enabling platform to their aspirations and make Pune a premium international investment destination.

Shri. Kiran Gitte IAS

Metropolitan Commissioner and CEO, PMRDA

The twenty first century is going to be unique in the annals of human history and during this time frame; the balance of human progress is going to be tilted towards eastern block of countries, as the economic growth is slated to get accelerated in ever increasing urbanized growth centres in these regions. The land mass occupied by urban population is likely to increase from current 3.5 % to a little less than 10% of the total land. About 8 lakh Sq. KMs of it is going to get urbanized in Asia and Africa with India and China leading the list of countries with rapid urbanisation process. The Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority, an initiative of Hon. Devendra Fadanavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, is conceptualized as a model to showcase the world how urbanization can be converted into a tool to provide the country an economic growth engine with highest ease of doing business and with Highest Liveability Index. The region is poised to get established as a Premium International Investment Destination ,which would function as a magnet for national and international investors in all the sectors of economy. The Region would be ?The Future of Living and Doing Business?. The flaws that have crept in the process of urbanisation resulting in complex problems would be studied and a flawless futuristic model for urbanized metropolitan area will be created. This model will comprise of least energy intensity per capita, walk to work culture, mass rapid public transportation, ecological and environmental improvement, efficient urban management and governance system, jobs and wealth creation, boost of culture and heritage and a robust market economy driven by human behaviour. Overall, this is going to be a unique and unparalleled urbanization start-up to provide platform for disruptive innovations in urbanisation with an aim to increase the Happiness Index.

Our Team

Shri. Vivek Kharwadkar

(Director, Development, Control and Promotion)

Shri. Sunil Wandhekar

(Director, Infrastructure and Economic Growth)

Shri. Vijay Kumar Goswami

(Director, Spatial Planning and Ease of Doing Business)

Shri. Annasaheb Chavan

(Director, Market Behaviour)

Smt. Vidyut Varkhedkar

(Director, Operations and HR Management)

Shri. Shrihari Khurd

(Director, Resource Management)

Shri. Devendra Potphode

(Director, Fire Service)