Building A Wealthier Future For The Community

In order to provide impetus to the development initiatives of PMRDA, attracting Foreign Direct Investment and Private Equity is of paramount importance. PMR would soon be an innovation laboratory for the world. Therefore, the Department of Private and Foreign Direct Investment will focus on creating lucrative investment opportunities for domestic and international investors, with the core objective of maximizing monetary returns.

Salient Features Of Private And Foreign Direct Investment

PMR would be a natural choice for any prudent global investor, given the business friendly environment and accelerated growth rate afforded by the region. The department of Private and Foreign Direct Investment would focus on -

Attracting foreign investment in local infrastructure projects by offering better Return On Investment(ROI)
Maximizing ROI by capitalizing on economic labour cost and special investment privileges offered by the Government of India
Encouraging participation of private investors in medium term and long term projects
Creating new employment opportunities, thereby providing a boost to the economy and driving consumption in PMR

PMRDA will offer much better growth opportunities for domestic and foreign investors. Compared with the developed world registering lower growth of economy; PMRDA projects would offer unmatched wealth creation opportunities for all potential investors.

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