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The Market Behaviour department at PMRDA is primarily established to address existing and on-going illegal developments. Not only such developments endanger life of citizens inhabiting the locality, they also hamper the commercial growth of economically sensitive areas.

Unplanned urban development and illegal structures affect city planning and even disturb the ecological balance of the area. PMRDA would, therefore, be focusing on rewarding compliant parties and penalizing illegal or unauthorized constructions. The department will focus on improving Standard of Living and Liveability Index by promoting legitimate and authorized constructions in the PMR.

The Market Behaviour department uses a mobile application, available for free downloads on IOS, Android and other smartphone platforms. Citizens will be able to anonymously report illegal on-going constructions on the application and request penal action from PMRDA. This is the first step towards involving masses in the reorientation of the society to contain illegal behaviour.

Salient Features Of Market Behaviour Department

Demolishing existing illegal constructions* and prosecuting the concerned person/party for subsequent issues
Curbing on-going illegal constructions in the interest of general public
Improving access to public amenities such as wide roads, open spaces and recreational zones by restricting illegal constructions
Enabling public participation (with anonymity) in detection of illegal constructions through PMRDA mobile app
Publishing list of illegal constructions on the PMRDA website, thereby ensuring full disclosure to potential buyers
Real time upload of Building Permission Certificates issued for any and all legal constructions

*Legal constructions are Development of sites /constructions which are authorised upon the approval from PMRDA or those which are previously approved by the Competent Authority.

**Illegal constructions are the unauthorized developments which are either not approved or are constructed in contravention with the terms and conditions of approved plan.

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