Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (PMRDA) is the Planning and Development Authority for the Pune Metro Region with an outlook towards channelizing growth in a strategic and orderly manner.

Over the last three decades, Pune city has developed as one of the prominent urban agglomerates. It is reckoned as an educational centre providing skilled manpower & talent to several industries/sectors, transcending the boundaries of the states and the country. Consequently, it has rapidly grown into a contemporary industrial hub and is identified today as a growing metropolis with tremendous potential.

This evolution has positioned Pune Region as a major growth centre and an attractive investment destination. The region enjoys a magnetic pull for multinational companies around the globe to set shop & expand existing businesses in-keeping with the promising future, the promise of win-win for the investors as well as the region is undeniable.

The region is gifted with salubrious climate, abundance of natural resources, rich cultural heritage and most importantly, proximity to India's financial capital- Mumbai. These critical factors provide impetus for growth of new businesses & expansion of existing ones.

PMRDA covers entire Talukas of Pune city, Maval, Mulshi, Haveli, and parts of Bhor, Daund, Shirur, Khed, Purandar and Velhe. PMRDA has been set up as a legally empowered and a self-financing corporate body by the Urban Development Department of the Government of Maharashtra vide Notification No. PMRD 3316/Pra.Kra.54/Navi-7, dated 11th July, 2016. The greatest advantage of PMRDA is that most of its area falls under Greenfield development.


Area 7,356.51 Sq Km
Population 72.96 Lakhs (Approx)
Number of Municipal Corporations 2
Number of Cantonment Boards 3
Number of municipal Councils 7
Number of Villages 842
Number of Census Towns 12

About PMRDA - Bringing Dreams To Life

Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority or PMRDA has envisaged an unprecedented approach towards sustainable growth of the region. With a firm belief in organized progress and digital information access to all the stakeholders, PMRDA is all set to create the future of living and doing business with very high liveability index. We are going to write the grandest of all global stories of urbanization in the twenty first century.

As a lucrative investment destination for domestic and international investors, the Pune Metropolitan Region is developing into a growth engine for both national and global economy. Conceived and spearheaded by Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri. Devendra Fadnavis, establishment of PMRDA is a paradigm shift in governance practices, giving direction to accelerated and meticulously designed urbanization with state of the art infrastructure.

A team of seasoned strategic planners and execution experts, working towards a common vision of making PMR an economic and cultural hub for the country has been put at the helm of affairs. We envision a future that is built on transparency of processes and systematic execution of holistic plans. PMRDA is founded on the core values of efficiency, integrity and effectiveness.

At PMRDA, we inspire investor confidence with an unparalleled inclusion of legal and regulatory processes on digital platforms to take ease of doing business to a new height and beyond the concept of ?One Window System?. We aim to achieve sustainable growth, fit for the twenty first century by taking governance into the digital age. All functions at PMRDA are designed to provide greater ease for doing business to potential investors.

Bringing urban development and governance into the information age, PMRDA is integrating all legal and regulation processes through electronic and digital channels. With ease of access to information for all stakeholders, PMRDA aims to achieve world's highest liveability index for its citizens. We are building a hassle free and energy efficient ecosystem for tomorrow.

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