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The department of developmental permission works under the provisions of Maharashtra Metropolitan Region Development Authority Ordinance of 2016 and those under the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act, 1966. The department functions in accordance with the sanctioned Regional Plan of 1997 and the Development, Control & Promotion Regulations (DCPR; November 2013).

The on-going urbanization trend in the Pune Metropolitan Region is characterized by informal growth and thus is in dire need of a paradigm shift. The Development, Control and Promotion department crave to make the development in PMR more systematic, duly regulated and certified. The department shall deploy online services to enable a transparent system of building permissions, monetary transactions, scrutiny of proposals and customer support.

The Development, Control and Promotion Department works in accordance with the prescribed time lines in the prevailing legislations/ Regulations. While scrutinizing and approving the proposed building plans, PMRDA aspires for a smart governance structure wherein the stakeholders would be able to access all permissions online with minimal manual intervention. The department shall achieve these objectives by installing e-interface into all processes, including e-scrutiny through highly intelligent application.

Salient Features of Development, Control and Promotion Department

In order to extend services to all stakeholders beyond the ambit of mere statutory stipulations, PMRDA focuses on -

Creating a system that is beyond the 'one-window' approach, by building all requisite NOCs into the online system.
Scrutinizing and approving building plans for compliance with DCPR using online AI (Artificial Intelligence) software.
Bringing all government processes into the public domain, creating an environment of transparent governance.
Establishing a citizen-friendly, front end interface for addressing customer queries and complaints.
Introducing systems and procedures complaint with RERA 2016 and MOFA-1963.

Benefits of Development, Control and Promotions Department

The department of Development, Control and Promotions strives to utilize technological intervention, digital data management and transparent control measures to make the regulatory processes customer friendly. Key benefits would entail -

Ease of use and information access, even for novice internet users.
Preventing illegal constructions by promoting formally approved housing schemes.
Promoting inclusiveness through affordable housing projects such as Prime Minister Aawas Yojana.
Promoting development of Greenfield areas by removing administrative and bureaucratic bottlenecks.
Enabling ease of doing business and also follows a rigid enforcement regime against informal housing.
Increased focus on industrial development in the PMR, in line with Hon. Prime Minister's 'Make in India' and 'Make for India' initiatives.
Affect a paradigm shift from the prevailing pattern of growth-first-and- development-later to the concept of development-first-and growth-later.

Initiatives Implemented

The department takes pride in commissioning many of the above initiatives. In order to ensure ease of doing business, the process of site certification is already introduced since July 2016. The owner of the land can secure an authenticated certificate of the buildable potential of his /her land without hiring any professional agencies. The common/native land owner is, thus, saved of the agony of involving 'third parties' in estimating understanding the development potential of his/her land. The land transactions between private parties shall, thus, be based on a very transparent understanding of buildable potential of land defined in the PMRDA's Site Inspection Certificates. Incidentally, these site visit inspection certificates shall be the prerequisites while submitting application for development permissions thereby leading to 50% saving in time for processing to development proposals. Necessary online facilities are also introduced in this regard.

In line with the RERA,2016 AND MOFA 1963 requirements of the Central and State Government respectively, the PMRDA has started the process of estimating the ultimate development potential of lands while granting development permissions to Master Plans.

The buildings covered in the Master Plan can be sanctioned phase wise through a 'Single Window System' upon the payment of challan toward the development charges/premium of the ensuring construction. Revision of Master plan is such cases shall not be mandatory henceforth. The area / FSI statement shall be modified through the single window clearance system.

Many more initiatives such as online submission and scrutiny of plan through (intelligent) iDCPR software is under the development stage, and shall be commissioned in coming two months.

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