Smart Resource Management for a Smarter Tomorrow

The Resource Management Department is established with the objective of accumulating and managing resources with highest possible financial efficiency. The department aims to do so by adopting conventional and non-conventional ways of resource enhancements.

Salient features of Resource Management Department

To explore innovative streams of resource aggregation and maximization of returns from the existing resources
Optimizing returns by exploring new market economy models, land monetization measures, etc.
To access surplus resources from the national and international agencies and also from the markets by raising bonds, etc.
To create most efficient and hassle free eco system for financial transactions between PMRDA and its various stakeholders
To explore possibilities for reorientation of the market economy that includes human behaviour as one of the ingredients

Resource Management Department Functions

To manage and efficiently utilize the resource management budget, Resource Management department will function in the following manner

Preparing Annual Financial Statement (Budget) for PMRDA
Exercising all statutory and audit controls.
Preparing annual books of accounts for PMRDA
Conducting Internal Audit of receipts, accounts and bills

All departments at PMRDA will work in complete synergy to make PMRDA as one of the most sought after destination for business, leisure, living, tourism, etc. in international arena.

In a nutshell, the crux of the above endeavours of all PMRDA Departments shall be to maximize wealth as well as achieve highest possible Gross Domestic Product, but in terms of the Gross Happiness Index of PMR.

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